Sculpting is constant search for new forms, which are hidden in wood and stone, but revealed with thoughts and visions, hands and chisels. It’s discovering something what seems invisible, but present. It’s a mystery, which artist expose. Sculpture is poetry, Medium of thoughts and energy, a totem, but also an object, which in a specific way affects space it occupy.

Wood Carving

Carving in wood and stone is inseparable element of art of sculpting. It has been present from the ancient times in all cultures – scripts, reliefs, ornaments, columns, altars, shrines, etc.
Our workshop make efforts to cultivate this pristine craftsmanship, by making unusual railings, solar rosettes and other ornaments for our clients. We are focusing on handicraft, self made objects, which add the unique element to each of our works.


Sculpture workshop JanosikArt is an idea, which presents exceptional etnodesign rooted in spiritual and cultural folklore of Carpathians.

„In Grzegorz Michałek’s creations, references to shamanic rituals are much more important than academic conventions. Artist is rather an spontanic and honest explorer, than calculated craftsman or narcistic creator.”

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